kathputlis or puppets show

According to Wiki, ” Katkathputlis or puppets are carved from wood and brightly decorated with printed fabrics.
I used to see kathputli show. Kathputliwale people bring all puppets and they decorate the place according to the story because all kind of decoration depends on the theme.

We used to wait eagerly when they finish decorating and when they are going to start the show.
The Kathputliwala will tell you stories about kings, beautiful princesses, and powerful magicians, giving you a glimpse into past and present lifestyles in India.

As the performance unfolds, accompanied by traditional Indian music, you’ll learn about Indian folklore, myths, legends and aspects of local culture.
Over the last 500 years, Kathputli was a system of patronage supported by kings and well-off families”.:)



Author: King Pan

King Pan, is the history of Panwar's. They are Indian Hindu. They speak Hindi and Rajasthani languages.

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