How to Remove Facial Hair

According to Wiki,” Using any kind of beautification of the body is called ‘Solah-Shringaar’.
5000 years ago In the ancient Ayurveda tradition, the Indian men and women took care of their skin and hair during rituals connected with religion.

Use of cosmetic products was not exclusive to religious events, however. In fact, using cosmetics was a pleasure and fulfilled a desire to not only appear more attractive but also to become healthier and have a longer life.

Using masks results are not permanent. Gradually it will decrease the hair growth.How to Remove Facial Hair permanently. Vegan Gelatin is another option to use with use milk, honey, and turmeric.
You can use it with turmeric or without turmeric. Use of turmeric makes skin glow.
If you have the allergy to dairy so I don’t think using raw milk is a good idea use soymilk or almond milk.
The gelatine and milk smell very strong for some people mix little bit rose water.
The main purpose of using gelatin is to make the solution like mask and peeling will be easy.
You can use any other coagulating product of your choice for peeling mask.
This paste can be used by anybody who can tolerate.
Always do the skin test before using any new product”.:)


Author: King Pan

King Pan, is the history of Panwar's. They are Indian Hindu. They speak Hindi and Rajasthani languages.

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