Royal Indian Spa (Champa Baoli)(राजपूताना भारती स्नांग्रिह (चंपा बाओली))

Champa Baoli is the place for the Maharanis and women of the royal, a hot spot for local gossip. A baoli or step-well consists of two parts: a vertical shaft from which water is drawn and the surrounding inclined subterranean passageways, chambers and steps which provide access to the well. The galleries and chambers surrounding these wells were often carved profusely with elaborate detail and became cool, quiet retreats during the hot summers.:)

राजपूताना भारती स्नांग्रिह (चंपा बाओली)

चंपा बाओली शाही के महारानी और महिलाओं के लिए जगह है, जो स्थानीय गपशप के लिए एक गर्म स्थान है। एक बाओली या स्टेप-वेल में दो भाग होते हैं: एक ऊर्ध्वाधर शाफ्ट जिसमें से पानी खींचा जाता है और आस-पास के झुकाव वाले उपनगरीय मार्ग, कक्ष और कदम जो कुएं तक पहुंच प्रदान करते हैं। इन कुओं के आस-पास दी गई दीर्घाओं और कक्षों को अक्सर विस्तृत विवरण के साथ बड़े पैमाने पर नक्काशीदार बनाया गया था और गर्म गर्मियों के दौरान शांत, शांत पीछे हट गए। 🙂



Author: King Pan

King Pan, is the history of Panwar's. They are Indian Hindu. They speak Hindi and Rajasthani languages.

7 thoughts on “Royal Indian Spa (Champa Baoli)(राजपूताना भारती स्नांग्रिह (चंपा बाओली))”

  1. I would like to be there now – today we are 20 degrees above normal (85 degrees) … that is unusual for us, especially since three days ago we were 20 degrees BELOW normal at the tail end of a very long Winter and chilly Spring.

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      1. I will check with my papa, i talked with him in the morning. I think too early to know how is the weather in the morning. Later in a day time if rain and cold papa doesn’t go for walk.
        I think Ontario Canada and Michigan has same kind of weather.:)

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      2. They sure do have similar weather – in fact, two weeks ago today, there was a minor earthquake 3.6 magnitude that originated in Amherstburg, Ontario, not that far from where I live. I was sitting here getting ready to write a post and it was really quiet in the house and I felt that rumble under my feet – all the neighbors ran out on their porches – I live not that far from the airport and thought at first it might be a big plane overhead, or an explosion (we have so many natural gas explosions) … but I turned on the news a few minutes later and they confirmed it was an earthquake – nothing like California has, but still an earthquake. If you go to the end of my blog post here, you’ll see the report about it in the link:

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      3. They said it is just a minor quake as quakes go, but we don’t get them as all – what a feeling and it was my initial thought it was an earthquake but I kept thinking “it couldn’t be!” The northern suburbs did not feel it, just here in SE Michigan, mostly “Downriver communities”.

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