Royal Palaces In India (Hindola Mahal)

An ancient architecture, Mandu first came to prominence under the Rajput Paramara dynasty, famous for their patronage of the literary arts, who ruled the region of Malwa in central India with their capital at Dhar.
The Hindola Mahal, “Swinging Palace”. Mandu or Mandavgad is an ancient city in the present-day Mandav area of the Dhar district. It is located in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh, India.
It is a T-shape buildings making up the royal palace complex at Mandu, the Hindola Mahal, used as an audience chamber.
The crossbar of the Hindola Mahal is of about the same proportions as the main hall but is split into two tiers. The upper floor, which is divided into two rooms, looks onto the main hall through an arched opening. The ground floor consists of a cruciform gallery with arms that extend to another entrance to the building and an arch to the main hall.:)



Author: King Pan

King Pan, is the history of Panwar's. They are Indian Hindu. They speak Hindi and Rajasthani languages.

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