Indian News paper dolls and History

You must be wondering about Barbie and India. Here is an artwork from India using Indian Newspaper.

According to the Greek historian Arrian, “The Indians use linen clothing, as says Nearchus, made from the flax taken from the trees Evidence from the 1st century AD shows some cultural exchanges with the Greeks”.
Indo-Greek influence is seen in the Greco-Buddhist art of the time. The Buddhas were portrayed as wearing the Greek himation, which is the forerunner of the modern saṃghāti that forms a part of the Kasaya of Buddhist monks.
During the Maurya and Gupta period, the people continued to wear the three pieces unstitched clothing as in Vedic times. The main items of clothing were the Antariya made of white cotton or muslin, tied to the waist by a sash called Kayabandh and a scarf called the Uttariya used to drape the top half of the body.

New trade routes, both overland and overseas, created a cultural exchange with Central Asia and Europe. Romans bought indigo for dyeing and cotton cloth as articles of clothing

A Ghagra Choli or a Lehenga Choli and Sarees are the traditional clothing of women in Rajasthan. Lehenga Choli is a combination of lehenga, a tight choli, and an odhani. A lehenga is a form of a long skirt which is pleated. It is usually embroidered or has a thick border at the bottom. A choli is a blouse shell garment, which is cut to fit the body and has short sleeves and a low neck.

Different styles of ghagra cholis are worn by the women, ranging from a simple cotton lehenga choli as a daily wear, a traditional ghagra with mirrors embellished usually worn during festivals for the dance or a fully embroidered lehenga worn during marriage ceremonies by the bride.:)


Author: King Pan

King Pan, is the history of Panwar's. They are Indian Hindu. They speak Hindi and Rajasthani languages.

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